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Engine Repair

We use advanced computer diagnostics to find and repair the problem with your engine.

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Wheel Alignment

We align your wheels to factory specifications using cutting edge equipment.

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Oil Change

We perform a comprehensive vehicle inspection to keep your vehicle running optimally.

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Providing MaintenanceForeign and Domestic

ASE Certified Technicians

Maintenance Items are items on your vehicle that are designed to wear out and must be replaced at regular intervals. Maintaining regularly is required for your Safety and the Safety of other travelers. Some Maintenance items include Brakes, Belts, Hoses, Anti-freeze, Engine Oil & Filter, Transmission Fluid & Filter, Tires, Wiper Blades, and Battery.

*Craig's Automotive uses only quality parts that meet or exceed factory specifications for all vehicles.


Our Master Technicians are ASE Certified in the following areas:

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Maintenance Services We Provide

Oil Change

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We perform a multi-point vehicle inspection free to ensure that your vehicle is running safe. We only use the proper grade of oil established by the vehicle manufacturer for your vehicle, and use only quality oil filters to help extend oil life.

Tune - Up

Tune Ups provide better driveablilty
A tune up includes replacing your spark plugs and sometimes your spark plug wires, if needed. Tune ups provide better driveablilty, better fuel economy, and less emissions. Check your owner's manual for mileage recommendations for your specific vehicle in order to keep you running smoothly

Transmission Fluid & Filter Services

We offer 2 different transmission services
A filter change includes replacing approximately 5 quarts of transmission fluid and the filter. A transmission flush includes completely flushing out the transmission fluid including the torque converter and replacing all of the fluid.
*Check your owner's manual as this is a maintenance service and follow your manufacturer's recommendations.

Coolant Flush

Recommended every 3-5 years
The Coolant Flush includes replacing the old fluid with new antifreeze. When your antifreeze becomes too aged, it will sperate and not be effective.

Tire Rotation

Get more miles out of your tires
Tires are recommended to be rotated every other oil change to assure even wear and increase the longevity of your investment.